The soul is a transparent paint created by the heart

The soul is a transparent paint. Don’t you think it’s nice? Last time, I wrote that “the body is the cradle of the soul given by the earth” and “the key is the fantasy”, but the root of that idea is that I feel that the soul is a transparent paint created by the heart. To tell the truth, it is more my sense to say “I know that. I know” rather than “feel”. Intuitively, it feels like “yes”.

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Children are gifts, bodies are borrowed

We say “children are gifts from heaven”, which means that “not only your own children but also the children of others are gifts from heaven, so you have to take good care of them.”

Due to the harmful effects of the nuclear family, the number of parents who cannot raise their children is increasing, but it seems that many people think that it was normal for their grandfathers to raise their children rather than their parents. It is true that the main characters of both Momotaro and Kintaro are raised by grandfathers and grandmothers and play an active role, so it is doubtful that if they were raised by young parents, they would have grown up to be gentle and fine young men. It was a good rampage and may have ended.

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Senile … / Due to aging …

“If asked to take X-ray at the hospital, senile of low back pain Nante said to be the chat Gakkarishi”
“Oh, this is I do not heal and not surgery because the knee of the old”
“I because it is old ……”
and so on, some Even if I become ill, I am disappointed when my symptoms are judged because of my age.

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Dietary Balance

Previously, I had the opportunity to talk with the famous macrobiotic Michio Kushi. Having a macrobiotic center in Boston, he has been active in teaching diet therapy, saying that “a diet that stabilizes the mind is important for world peace”, and has received high praise in Europe and the United States as many people with terminal cancer visit. I am. He was the forerunner of the current flow of slow food.

“The basis of meals is Fuji.” I remember being told that the ingredients required by walking in the area where I live must be the basic diet, and that “there are two types of meals: hare meal and ke meal.”

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Growth Exercise

I think about exercise during the growth period until I am about the age when the skeleton is completed.

There are no children who say “Tenjo Tenka Yuigadokuson” right after they are born, so when they sit down, turn over, and go high and high, everyone grows up in turn.

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About Stretching

Around the time, I’ve come to hear the word “stretching”, and I think stretching is more modern than the flexible gymnastics I used to do in the past.

With the shout of “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8”, the preparatory exercise that was being done with momentum is flexible gymnastics. This is called dynamic stretch. After warming up, it is a preparatory exercise to widen the range of motion of the joint by stretching before exercise. If you stretch slowly before sports competition, the contraction of the muscles will deteriorate and the jumping power will decrease, and the performance will decrease. In the stretch before exercise, the stretching and contracting movements will be repeated quickly.

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Let’s raise basal metabolism

I often hear about basal metabolism these days. There is also a weight scale that can measure basal metabolism, so I feel relieved when “standard” comes out. By the way, do you understand when asked “What is basal metabolism?”

To put it simply, “calories that are used even if you do nothing and mess around” is called basal metabolism.

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Anti-flat Declaration

Since the arrival of the automobile society, road paving has progressed rapidly. When I was a kid, everywhere I went, it was a bumpy road. At that time, I was told, “If you drive a car for a long time, you will have gastroptosis.” Now it’s hard to find a bumpy road. Flat flat flat. He says, “It’s nice to take a walk,” but there are also such facts. According to the white paper on the health room of the elementary school, the nasal bone is the number one fracture site.

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