Anti-flat Declaration

Since the arrival of the automobile society, road paving has progressed rapidly. When I was a kid, everywhere I went, it was a bumpy road. At that time, I was told, “If you drive a car for a long time, you will have gastroptosis.” Now it’s hard to find a bumpy road. Flat flat flat. He says, “It’s nice to take a walk,” but there are also such facts. According to the white paper on the health room of the elementary school, the nasal bone is the number one fracture site.

The average height of sixth graders is 145 cm for boys and 147 cm for girls. My reflexes are falling even though I am getting better. I am worried about lack of exercise when I go to cram school. I remember that it was written as such, but I think that the problem is a flat living environment created for ease of living rather than lack of exercise.

I said that walking is the basis of rehabilitation, but if you walk only on flat places, it will be difficult for you to develop a sense of balance.

Do you remember “mechanoreceptors”? The general term for sensory organs that convey balance is called mechanoreceptors, but if monotonous information is constantly sent during exercise, the work of the same parts of the same muscles and joints will be burdened and the sensitivity of the sensor will not increase. Hmm. In addition, increasing the burden on the same area makes it easier for fatigue inflammation and injury to occur.

There are many satoyama in Minamiboso that are perfect for a walk. It’s easy to walk around the satoyama for about 3 to 5 hours, and I often go out from autumn to spring.

But it’s strange. If you take a walk along the flat paved coastline for two hours, your legs will become unpleasant, but the sloped mountain walks can be difficult to breathe at the beginning of the walk, but it becomes more and more fun. Of course, be careful about how you walk and walk so that you reach the soles of your feet, and sometimes you climb steep slopes.

I wondered what the difference was between a flat road and a mountain road. It is the amount of information that is transmitted to the body. At the beginning of the climb, you are out of breath, and the slopes, bumps and descents, and step-by-step changes in the ground are transmitted to your body through your feet. The body inevitably commands the muscles of the whole body to maintain balance. Even muscles that I don’t normally use begin to insist that “I’m working too”, and finally my breath becomes easier and I can hear the voice of birds.

Do you understand this feeling of mountain climbing? It is a feeling that commands are given to the muscles of the whole body for walking. This difference is the difference between a walk and a satoyama walk.

Around this time, I recommend walking in the Satoyama area for rehabilitation of students in the athletic club. We believe that it is difficult to develop the balance ability of the entire body with reduced function only by power training using machines and exercise in a flat stadium.

By all means, please look for uneven roads in your immediate surroundings and take a leisurely stroll on the ground. I think that the decline in the athletic ability of elementary school students is a warning to our social environment for flat convenience.