Senile … / Due to aging …

“If asked to take X-ray at the hospital, senile of low back pain Nante said to be the chat Gakkarishi”
“Oh, this is I do not heal and not surgery because the knee of the old”
“I because it is old ……”
and so on, some Even if I become ill, I am disappointed when my symptoms are judged because of my age.

In Japan, where the average life expectancy is over 80 years old, the fact that even people in their 40s and 50s have doctors who say, “It’s an elderly disease,” indicates that the medical staff is not thinking about caring for the patient’s mind. is. So I clearly tell you not to go to the doctor who says that. There is no cure for people who don’t know how much damage they have received in one word.

People in their 70s and 80s who come to receive my treatment cannot come to receive treatment by saying “I want to run” or “I want to bounce”.

You can have the hope that you will be able to live your daily life painlessly, and sometimes you will be able to go out, travel, and even sit upright for a short time. What is really necessary for that is the feeling of motivated to continue rehabilitation. Will you be motivated by being told, “Older …”? Even if a disease requires surgery, it would be worthless if there was no desire to rehabilitate.

These days , I recommend that you do Shiko three times a day, with 10 times as a set , which is very effective. At first, you put your hands on the back of the chair or on the wall, and slowly and lightly lift and lower your legs. When you let go of your hand and finally follow the sumo wrestler, and when you step on the fork, the cuckoo becomes sick, and the person himself becomes interested in it. Above all, when the steps that have been difficult to climb up and down are no longer a pain, the facial expressions and clothes become brighter, saying, “It’s fun to go out these days.” If you jokingly say, “I might run around in the fall,” and say, “Aim for Mitsuko Mori,” you will recover from the shock of being unexpectedly “older …”.

Certainly, there are “age-related diseases.” As the body grows older with age, parts cannot be replaced, so we cannot keep up with our physical strength when we were young. Everyone knows that. However, I think that you shouldn’t say, “This is an old man …”, and you shouldn’t ask, because you are coming to the treatment for a quality of life that is commensurate with your age.