About Treatment at Our Clinic

Diagnose various traumatic disorders.
Since it is important to restore the balance of the whole body,
we will use the “sotai method” for the treatment.
It also supports chronic pain and tiredness.
Please feel free to contact us.

What is Sotai? Sotai seen in the video

Treatment Menu

Insurance Coverage

  • Fractures, dislocations, sprains, bruises, bruises (strains, sports injuries)
  • Various health insurance, workers’ accident compensation insurance, compulsory automobile liability insurance

Health insurance is available only for “acute or subacute (similar to acute) traumatic injuries”. In addition, please note that the consent of a doctor is required for fractures, incomplete fractures, and dislocations other than first aid.

* when you receive the treatment, please be sure to make a reservation by phone.

Without Insurance

Treatment fee (per 40 minutes)¥ 4,000
* Regardless of the first / return visit
  • Chronic symptoms such as stiff shoulders, stiff neck, back of the waist, indefinite complaints
  • Troublesome symptoms such as stoop, O-leg X-leg, and pelvic correction
  • face slimming massage / stretching
  • Lectures on improving activities of daily living, etc.

* when you receive the treatment, please be sure to make a reservation by phone.

Request for lecture

We also accept requests for lectures on sotai. We will listen to the schedule / venue / number of people / expected number of participants, etc., and consult with you according to the content.

  • Individual lessons and group lessons
  • Our in-clinic course / Visit course
Recture in Clinic (50min Class × 3)
Sotaiho / Movements of Daily Life / Self Massage
¥ 20,000 / 2 persons