The soul is a transparent paint created by the heart

The soul is a transparent paint. Don’t you think it’s nice? Last time, I wrote that “the body is the cradle of the soul given by the earth” and “the key is the fantasy”, but the root of that idea is that I feel that the soul is a transparent paint created by the heart. To tell the truth, it is more my sense to say “I know that. I know” rather than “feel”. Intuitively, it feels like “yes”.

The saying goes, “Even a small insect has a soul of five minutes,” but it is used to mean “even a small insect has a life, so don’t kill it in vain.” I felt that the interpretation was different. Isn’t it the teaching that “even small insects have a soul that overflows from their bodies?”

We want mountains, coasts and magnificent nature and feel beautiful. You can also feel the beauty of the well-maintained fields, forests and flowers in the flowerpots. I also feel the beauty of artificial buildings and artistic structures. You can feel the beauty of traditional crafts and their tools, voices and sounds, and even distant stars. So what is beauty? What does our beauty sensor capture?

Perhaps it feels a soul infused into the history of the earth, which is said to be 100 million years away. I think that you may feel the “transparent paint of the soul” of the thoughts of our predecessors 50, 100, 1000, and 10,000 years ago. There is a sensor of our beauty that allows us to feel the souls of all our predecessors living in nature as transparent paints, not human-oriented. And the sensor of beauty senses awe and awe in nature’s cousins ​​that transcend our sense of time and brings faith in nature and faith in God.

Faith is also brought to calm the grudges. According to Takeshi Umehara, there are many shrines and temples in Japan, including Horyuji Temple and Izumo Taisha, for soul calming and grudge calming. I think this is a manifestation of the old man’s fear of feeling the color of his black soul, which makes him grudge and angry.

I feel that all living creatures on the earth are also making transparent paint called souls. The transparent paint of the soul is made by the heart, the exciting heart is the fluffy color, the vibrant heart is the bright color, the grudge is the sunken color, of course, what color can you say with your eyes? No, but we see it as a sensation.

I feel that the transparent paint of the soul works on our consciousness beyond time and space so that we can be aware of the connection between the mind and body.

Soul lost canvas

If you think of your soul as a transparent paint that your heart creates, you need a canvas to draw on. For some, we know that it can be a rice field, a forest, a literal picture, a musical note, a sound, a book, a vessel, a tool, a house, a meal, everything can be a canvas of the soul. I know I feel it with the expressions “with all my heart” and “soulful”.

But at the same time, we also know that we are losing a canvas that goes beyond the lasting time. Death does not rob the canvas of the soul. Even if life turns to death, the paint of the soul painted on the canvas will not fade.

My teacher, Toshio Fujimoto, died of terminal cancer at the age of 59 after fighting illness. Even in the sickbed, I was working in search of an ideal for the future. On the verge of death, his wife “sucked and spit” on the bed, encouraging her to breathe to live like a marathon runner’s companion. When all the relatives were together, the teacher took off his mask and said, “It’s okay,” and stopped breathing and died.

At the death of his teacher, his face was full of satisfaction and beautiful Buddha-nature. At that moment, from the moment of death, my teacher’s “transparent paint of the soul” seems to have been divided into many people. I still feel the soul in my teacher’s books, farms, and words in my memory.

When death does not rob the canvas of the soul, but the continuity of the next connecting time and space, we lose sight of the canvas for the soul.

It is sad that war robs us of time and space. The beautifully painted canvas becomes dusty and leaves only the color of sadness. It takes a lot of time and effort to regain the vibrant colors of a phoenix. The same is true for environmental destruction other than war.Moreover,We are deprived of the continuity of time and space that connects us to our lifestyle, which is closer to us.

I believe that the lifestyle of division of labor also deprives us of the continuity of time and space and makes us lose sight of the canvas of our souls.

Division of labor and division of mind

Forty thousand years after becoming Homo sapiens, humankind has spent most of its day seeking food until very recently. Of course, the development of tools and intelligent knowledge made hunting, gathering, breeding, and cultivation more efficient, stored food, accelerated the development of further tools and the formation of villages, created culture, and created a civilized society, but industry. It can be said that many pre-revolutionary people lived most of the day for food, or shared their profession for food.

Today’s so-called developed countries enjoy affluence and convenience. Even if you live in the countryside, you can search for information on the Internet because you have a personal computer. You can choose products from all over the world, talk on the phone with friends who live far away, and meet.

Best of all, I live a life that I never thought of spending a day on water and food. Today’s society is the result of believing that convenient affluence is what opens human consciousness and brings about a free society.

But at the same time, we live a life where we don’t even understand what we are around and what we use. “Where does tap water come from? Electricity, gas. How can vegetables be made? Where did this fish come from? Cup noodles. Why does the TV show? Mobile phones. Where does the drainage go? Garbage What happens? “A life surrounded by things that cannot be answered. Where does the anxiety surrounding life come from while saying, “That’s not good. I’m not in trouble.”

I know the generation of grandpa and grandpa, the generation before the war. When I wake up in the morning, I draw water. Make a fire. Sharpen the rice. Make side dishes. I used to bring a vat to buy eggs and tofu. Laundry. All the children in the neighborhood take care of it. If the dobu board breaks, everyone in the neighborhood will fix it. It was a life with a lot of collaborative work. When I recall, it was a life where garbage was only produced in the current one in the neighborhood. Many of the things around me were something that everyone could understand and fix. The life that was there was not a division of labor, but a life that consisted of division of labor.

The division of labor in occupations closely led to the division of labor in daily life, which led to the division of labor in consciousness. Adults earn money. The child studies. Do the elderly travel?

“Children should study” “I left the house to you (is it a little old)” “Children’s education is school, morals are school education” “Elderly care is tax” ” My husband’s meal is at a convenience store (haha) “” Political economy is for politicians “” No, economy is for scholars … “” Ask the doctor about the body “” No, it’s not my body “” By the way, next door Who is it? ”

By placing my existence in a division of labor in society, I can pass through without knowing anything outside my specialty. As a result, I am worried about “Who am I?” I have lost sight of where to apply the paint of the soul created by my heart and who will connect it.

I strongly feel that the division of labor in the profession leads to the division of labor in life and consciousness, leading to the division of the mind and the loss of the canvas of the soul.

In the 21st century, we are trying to shift from a society that seeks “convenient affluence” to a society that seeks “richness of life,” but we are not living separately, but supporting each other by sharing. I believe that this consciousness leads to the “richness of life on earth” and creates a canvas for the transparent paint of the soul. I believe that the soul is connected to the earth, just as the mind is connected to the body.

I started writing with “Body and Communication with Sotai” and proceeded to “Mind and Soul”. Communicating with one’s body is important for confirming the connection between “mind and body”, the connection between mind and body is connected to the mind and soul, and the soul is connected to the earth that transcends time and space.

First of all, let’s move the body by sotai as one of the cures and communicate with the body. You will surely see the connection between your mind and body. The body is old and sick, and one day it will decay. However, I feel that I can take care of my old and sick body by taking good care of my existing body. It is you from today that will protect you 10 years from now. (End)