Stress is a necessary part of the body along with meals.

Is stress diverging? Is stress digesting?

“Stress release with ○○○” “Stress-related ○○○ disease” The phrase about stress can be read as meaning that stress accumulates, so it must be released from time to time, but I think stress is food. I think it’s the same.

From the point where human beings were born and fell, they start living with the greatest stress of gravity. How good it was to live in my stomach. We don’t even know that we’ve been kicked out of our mother’s body, which has become narrower to live in, but the stress of gravity is equally given to everyone.

Whether it was due to the instinct of living things or the malicious intent of the enlarged frontal lobe, I gradually got up and started walking. When I was told “I’m cute” and I was interested in it, I started to learn miscellaneous knowledge and was scolded as “Why can’t I do it?” And “I can’t grow up unless I eat this.” Threatened and somehow separated from parents, the rough waves of society give us crowded trains, unfamiliar jobs, miscellaneous relationships, unincreased deposits and a wave of stress, and we live in such an environment. It can be said that there is.

If there is such stress, it is not “divergence”, but I have already been crushed by stress, but I am still alive. So I thought about it. Stress is like eating.

Gravity is the staple food of rice. Rice that you won’t get tired of eating every day. Work, interpersonal relationships, and other miscellaneous items are side dishes. There are likes and dislikes for side dishes. People who have a family of miso soup and simmered foods that they never get tired of eating with rice every day are happy people. Even if you eat a lot, it will be digested properly and you will become a body. It’s difficult to have friendships, and sometimes you get food poisoning, so be careful not to overeat.

I don’t eat work and interpersonal relationships, and I hate it a lot, and as I get older, my tastes may change, saying, “I can’t do this well.” Some sweets contain poison.

Is it similar to eating and stress that you can’t understand until you try it? It’s similar to eating and stressing that you don’t like to eat and create a constitution that makes you more likely to get sick if you eat unbalanced.

“My child doesn’t like vegetables
“I eat a lot of sweets.” “I like it and buy it.”
“Actually, I don’t like it.”

I don’t say that parents are responsible for their likes and dislikes of eating. Naturally, there are limits to what parents can do. Parents can’t do everything about dealing with stress. As we did, the world of children can be out of reach of adults. Children and adults grow up by getting into various places, laughing and laughing, hurt and hurt each other, and being recognized and recognized.

However, if there is a meal that you can eat with peace of mind when you come back, you may be able to digest the stress so that you can get rid of the temporary meal immediately.

When stress begins to cause illness, work becomes stressful, and bosses, children, husbands, and neighbors become full of stress. Certainly the surroundings may be full of stress, but there is no special life. Rather than trying hard to withstand stress, improving your ability to digest stress is probably the best way to prevent stress from causing illness.

For that purpose, it is very important to “cure”. Drinking, eating, and staying up late are the basics of curing, such as getting in shape, exercising moderately, and getting a good night’s sleep. More importantly, keep a lot of life channels open. It’s not a bad thing to concentrate on one thing, but when I heard that a diligent, straightforward, work-oriented person was out of focus after retirement, the stress was undigested and painful. I think.

There are many faces in one’s heart. If you spend a lot of time with just one face, you will overwhelm your other face, other abilities and desires, and as a result, you will suffer or multiple by self-deprecating and other atrocities. Isn’t it to bring out the personality or escape to the blur?

There are people who come up with various things while saying, “I don’t last long, no matter what I do,” but I think that’s important. I don’t even know what happened to me. As you go through various things, if you catch a few, you will increase the number of channels.

If you think that stress is digested rather than released, I think that the meaning of “curing” that takes care of the body deepens.