Children are gifts, bodies are borrowed

We say “children are gifts from heaven”, which means that “not only your own children but also the children of others are gifts from heaven, so you have to take good care of them.”

Due to the harmful effects of the nuclear family, the number of parents who cannot raise their children is increasing, but it seems that many people think that it was normal for their grandfathers to raise their children rather than their parents. It is true that the main characters of both Momotaro and Kintaro are raised by grandfathers and grandmothers and play an active role, so it is doubtful that if they were raised by young parents, they would have grown up to be gentle and fine young men. It was a good rampage and may have ended.

Fortunately, I grew up with a grandmother, but when I raise my own child, I have a strong feeling that “parents are being raised rather than being raised” and “becoming parents”. is. It seems that my son will tell me what the position of my eldest son will be, but when I was “that child”, that was a failure, so parents also try and error to do this, so everything that parents say is correct, etc. If you think about it, your life will be suspicious, so all the children will face the rebellious period correctly.

As a person who learns how to live through children, I am grateful that I realize that children are gifts.

By the way, I had long wondered who my body was a gift, but as I treated patients, the concept of “body is borrowed” became stronger and stronger. is. The body is a borrowed item. You can think of your body as a “gift from God,” and some scientists call it the “Ark of Genes,” but I feel it is a “cradle of soul.” People receive medical treatment because they hurt somewhere, but it is a manifestation of self-love because they want to receive medical treatment because they care about the body they have been given. Above all, without self-love to take care of yourself, you cannot love your family, others, and the earth in the same way. Everyone has narcissism. It is the duty of the “cradle of the soul with a body borrowed from the earth” to strongly acknowledge this.

Some of my friends don’t admit narcissism. I will not stop drinking alcohol that is hospitalized and discharged. When it gets tough, he rushes in, saying, “Call me an ambulance.” I go to the hospital saying, “I can die.” He wonders what he thinks of having friends who go to see what’s going on, saying, “Don’t come home saying it’s going to be painful again.”

Not only him, there are many patients who suffer from the fact that they have become old and have weakened their physical strength. Even more so when people say, “It’s a symptom of age … (give up)”, I blame my weakness on my age, my lack of sociality (decrease in social participation in my life) on my age, and my friends. If you blame your age for not having a symptomatology and make excuses for being old, you can’t have fun every day and your family won’t love you. The same can be said for young people, not just for the elderly. It’s sad that if the house were richer, the friends would be bad, the country, the politics, the economy would be bad, and so many people would commit crimes.

Our body is a “cradle of souls given by the earth”. It is a cradle that connects the souls who travel the time that continues without interruption. “God created humans to work until they die,” I said to my patient’s grandfather and grandfather, “I want to be that way.” If there is any chance, my feelings may recover. Rehabilitation begins from the moment you say “I want to be that way”. When you get a little stronger, you will feel more confident. If you continue to rehabilitate while calming down a little, you will actually be able to recover a considerable amount of physical strength.

Certainly, there are some illnesses that cannot be expected to recover. However, if you think of the body as “the cradle of the soul given by the earth,” it should not be done by anyone or yourself to stop the growth of the soul.

If you think that your body is a borrowed item and you have to pay a rental fee to the nature of the earth that lends us your body, you will be able to protect the environment, and since it is a borrowed item, you should use it carefully. You will think. If you think of your body as a “cradle of souls given by the earth,” you will realize the importance of all life and the importance of connecting your soul to the next.

My body is “a cradle of souls given by the earth” and “borrowed from the earth”. Who does your body belong to?