A way of life that puts age in (parentheses)

I had the opportunity to listen to Professor Hayao Kawai’s lecture and flute performance. I went to a children’s bookstore called Merry-Go-Round in Yokkaichi, Mie Prefecture.

This bookstore is a musician, with a coffee shop on the right side of the first floor of the building, a children’s bookstore in the middle, a children’s goods and casual shop on the left side, which are connected inside, select a book and read while eating lunch at the coffee shop When I get tired of it, I wonder if I should go back to the coffee shop and go back to the coffee shop. After passing through the bookstore, I have a strange structure that I buy books again. It’s a good building. Hamatta at the bookstore! When I was wondering about this, the lecture started in the hall on the third floor and was saved.

Mr. Kawai’s lecture was fun, and the flute performance in the latter half was so exciting that the audience said, “I’m getting better.” Actually, since Professor Kawai started again as a flute player, he has been giving lectures and playing flute every year here, and there are many female college students who listen to it and have a season. ..

In the lecture on that day, there was a talk about “putting your age in parentheses.” Kawai-sensei seems to be worried about his age when he tries to try a new flute song, wondering if he can keep breathing or if his fingers move. I don’t care about my age, because I think it’s appropriate for my age. So, if you try a new song, you can do this unexpectedly by removing the age with Kawai Hayaokakko 75 Saikakko Tojiru and parentheses. Kawai-sensei is good at directing because he will immediately show off the recently mastered song at the concert after that. Please refer to “Kokoro no Perch” (Asahi Shimbun) for details.

After the lecture, I was wondering if anyone could put this “put age in parentheses”, and of course anyone could, but some people couldn’t. I was wondering if there was any “key”, such as Taro Gomi, Kazuyoshi Kushida, Tokiko Kato, and other wonderful people who put their age in parentheses, and Keizo Miura, Mitsuko Mori, and other elderly people. When I was wondering if the people who could be called stars had something in common, I found something in common with Mr. Yoshiaki Masuda, the owner of the merry-go-round, the old man with a beard.

On the day of Professor Kawai’s lecture, Mr. Masuda said, “I’m thinking of going on a tour to Sweden this summer.” “The cost is high at 400,000 yen, but if you sell a car, everyone can go.” I was surprised that the staff said “D! Seriously”, but this Ossan is seriously thinking about going.

The easiest way to introduce Mr. Masuda to everyone is that I cut the Achilles tendon while playing tennis last year, but he seemed to be unwilling to buy a tennis set and get a cast to start practicing. It’s a personality that seems to have been decided before. If you are told that you can’t sell a child’s bookstore, you can do it even if you’re stubborn. If you think it’s biased, it’s an old man who is unexpectedly straightforward and doesn’t look good on his face and seems to be “cute”.

What does Mr. Masuda have in common with the “lovely people”? It has a finder to fantasy and has the ability to travel space and time at any time. You think, “D! Really.” I need a little more explanation. Masuda-san When I’m with a child, I become a child. I don’t go out with children at a level, so sometimes it’s not very popular. When I thought about going to Sweden, my heart was flying ahead and I was preparing to encounter a wonderful happening over there. Masuda Fantasy Magic is also applied to the merry-go-round building, and there is a mechanism to gradually see the finder to fantasy when wandering from the coffee shop to the bookstore boutique culture classroom studio.

As adults, we may not be able to live in a fantasy world like Peter Pan, but there was a childhood self who lived in fantasy by my side, and I guided the world of fantasy. Do you feel the joy of the infinite possibilities that you had when you were a child? That is the finder for fantasy. Everyone has it.

I think the key to “putting age in parentheses” is the “finder to fantasy.” Let’s all look for a finder for fantasy. The treasure key is unexpectedly close and may have been overlooked.