Sotai seen in the video – Part2
“Wake-up stretch”

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The morning is an important time. It affect your feeling of the day

Some people wake up in the morning and appeal to them with a moody face to sprinkle poison around them, but that’s a very detrimental life. The time to wake up is an important time to get in shape and turn on the “maybe you are in good shape” switch. It is an important time to boost your immunity and protect your body from the stress of the day.

I’ll show you how to spend my time from getting up to breakfast for your reference, so please try to make sure that the “maybe you’re in good shape” switch on in the morning.

I. Facial massage for reduce swelling and facial stretching in bed

The first thing to wake up is a facial swelling massage and facial stretching. Getting up with swelling tends to start a painful day with heavy eyelids. In addition, the swelling is pulled down by gravity and deepens the wrinkles every day. Now, let’s make a refreshing face.

① Reduce the swelling on your face

Facial veins are located on both sides of the nose and on the sides of the face in front of the ears. The swelling from the hoobone to the inside of the nose goes to both sides of the nose, and the swelling from the hoobone to the outside to the vein in front of the ear creates a flow that reduces the swelling so that it is suppressed by the entire palm.

Start with Odeco. Hold down from the outer temple toward the center. When you reach the center, hold down the outside of the nose and let the swelling flow down. Go down one step and hold it inward from the hoobone, and then let it flow down from the nasal muscles with less swelling. Also, lower it one step and hold it from the outside of the jawbone toward the center.

The swelling on the outside of the hoobone is flowed from the temples to the front of the ears and under the chin in order over the entire palm.

Repeat this about 3 times. You can see that the swelling of the face is getting thinner over the entire palm. It feels like holding it down with the entire palm without pressing it. Use your fingertips to hold down the details.

If you continue daily, lymphatic and venous flows that are easy to remove swelling will develop.

② Stretch your face.

The facial muscles and facial muscles are in close contact with the skin, so you can stretch them by holding them down with your hands. At first, pull it up diagonally outward from the Odeco so that it is held down by the entire palm. Next, lower it one step and pull it up and diagonally outward from the bone so that it is held by the entire palm. Finally, pull up so that the bottom of your chin is held by your entire palm.

The point at this time is to open your eyes and stretch. When I close my eyes and stretch, I feel comfortable and fall asleep twice.

II. Lower body stretch

Stretching can be divided into dynamic stretching and static stretching. Dynamic stretching expands the range of motion of joints before exercising. Static stretching is the process of slowly stretching the muscles to get rid of fatigue substances after exercise.

Stretching slowly with static stretch will reduce the contraction force of the muscles, so do the morning stretch lightly and in a short time with dynamic stretch.

The important point in stretching is to be good at the easy part, to be appropriate for the hard part, and to stop if you don’t like it. The following order is a guide. Start from a comfortable place.

① Stretch the buttocks after the thighs

Hold one knee and slowly bring it closer to your abdomen. Let’s do the other side too. If you have pain in your lower back or knees, stop it.
All stretches start with the comfortable one and move within a comfortable range. You don’t have to overdo it.

② Stretch the inner thigh

Raise both knees and open the left and right sides outward. Repeat this slowly and several times.

③ Stretching the buttocks

Place the instep of your right foot on your left knee. Hold your left knee with both hands and bring it closer to your abdomen. If you can’t reach your knees, hold your thighs with both hands. If it’s too painful, just put your right foot on it. Then rearrange the legs and do the other side as well.

④ Stretch your side and back from the outside of your thighs

Spread both hands sideways. Keep your knees straight and twist one leg at a time. Bending your knees will force you to twist your hips too much, so keep your knees straight.

⑤ Stretch in front of the thighs

Sleep sideways, bend one knee on the upper side, hold the instep and bend so that the sole of the foot touches the buttocks. You can stretch in front of your thighs. Stretch your hips comfortably and comfortably so that you don’t bend your hips.

With these five types of stretch, you can make a full circle around the hip joint. Stretching around the hip joint allows you to stretch the core muscles that connect the pelvis to the hips. This way, you won’t feel “itite” when you wake up and start walking.

Do stretching, yoga, and gymnastics in order, without trying too hard from the easy part. As you get used to it, you will be able to stretch your lower body while massaging and stretching your face.

III. Stretching from hand to arm

Stretch from your fingertips to your shoulder blades once a day. After many years of use, such as tendonitis, trigger finger, deformed fingertips, and tennis elbow, joint deformity progresses. Stretching even once a day protects your body.

① Stretching on the back side of the hand

Grip the back of your right hand with your left palm, bend your wrists and extend your elbows. Hold your hand and stretch the back of your left hand. When you get used to movement, stretch your shoulders forward. The answer is correct if you can stretch around the shoulder blades.
All stretches start with the comfortable one and move within a comfortable range.

② Stretching on the palm


③ Stretching the upper arm

With your right palm facing up, extend your arms in front of you. Shift the palm of your left hand 90 degrees and place it on your right hand, then bend your right wrist dorsiflexively. Slowly extend your right elbow. If you stretch your elbows too much, you may hurt yourself, so please stop before you stretch your elbows. Change your hand and extend your left upper arm.

Stretching the arm will prevent tendonitis and chronic inflammation of the forty shoulders, frozen shoulders and other fingertips. Get in the habit of stretching every day, whether you’re between work or taking a bath.

IV. While taking a walk.

A morning walk is the time to prepare for a day’s physical and psychological stress by carrying serotonin from your gut to your brain with aerobic exercise. I will explain how to walk in detail later, but I will concentrate on walking cleanly.

Estimated exercise time is within 30 minutes. Exercise load is the heart rate in front of you. The best guideline is that you can start your next job immediately after returning from your walk. It’s overkill to want to sit down because you’re tired.

Accumulation of muscle fatigue leads to fatigue of internal organs and makes you sick. Severe symptoms may cause rejection of exercise, which is considered to be sports depression.

① Nordic walking

Nordic walking with two ski poles is a rehabilitation that restores the balance of the body while communicating with one’s body. Let’s check while walking, such as left and right stride length, body inclination, and how to twist the trunk. With the help of stock, you can experience a comfortable and correct way of walking. Please try it once.

② Shiko (sumo leg lifts excercise)

I will do Shiko in the middle of the walk. To Shiko, lift the legs to the side while balancing with one leg, stop and slowly lower, and get the legs down while opening the hip joints. Shiko not only strengthens the muscles of the lower body, but also balances with one foot, increasing the sensitivity of the muscle balance sensor from the sole of the foot to the joints. It’s a much better preparatory exercise when it comes to maintaining balance than a vertical squat.

③ Masai method

This is a jumping exercise that I named “Masai Method”. It jumps on the spot like a skipping rope, but there are some tricks.

Raise your navel and lower your hips. The force is applied from around the abdomen to the buttocks.

The answer is correct if the tips of the middle fingers of both hands, which are slightly pulled to the side of the body, are in the center of the outer thigh and the center of gravity is not on the arch.

If you raise or lower your shoulders in that state, you will lose strength. It is easier to turn your face to the left or right. You can easily make a big twist by twisting the upper body from side to side. The lower abdomen is pulled up naturally.

This is the basic posture for all movements, with the spine resting on the pelvis without stress.

However, when I try to maintain this posture, my whole body becomes tense and I cannot move. So let’s jump in this position. Pompon and 4-5 jumps are enough. After jumping, the beautiful posture is maintained even if you relax.

When jumping, a strong signal flows from the brain through the muscles. The signal returns to the brain at the moment of landing. By repeating this process, the muscles will be moderately tense and a clean posture will be maintained naturally. And by repeating it several times, when the brain remembers it as a neutral posture, the normal posture becomes very beautiful.

The important things in the time of awakening are as above.


Volunteer in the moning

For me, the morning walk is also a time for community volunteers. While walking to an elementary school in the neighborhood, stretching, stepping on four legs, Masai method, etc., wait for elementary school students to go to school, wave the flag at the pedestrian crossing, and stop at the commuter vehicle. Some people say that it’s hard to do it for 16 years, but it’s an important time for me to get well. It is also a valuable time to have a role of contributing to the community.

Living is also about doing work, but I think that work is not just a division of labor within the scope of one’s life, but in a broader sense, a division of labor in the social life of an earthling. I think that work is not just for maintaining one’s life, but for contributing to society at large. I can’t make a big contribution to society, but I feel happy to be able to contribute little by little every day.

A morning walk is also a time when you can concentrate on walking, activate blood flow in the brain, come up with ideas, and get in shape.
It is not possible to divide it into work time, family time, social contribution time, and own time, but if you can spend the time from waking up to breakfast in good spirits, you can start the day as a fulfilling day. You can.

It is you from today that will protect your body ten years from now. “Don’t get bored, don’t forget, don’t try too hard”. Even if it lasts only three days, if you do it ten times, it will be thirty days.