How to walk, sit, and stand is to create a work and living environment and habits.

You can have a beautiful posture by standing and sitting.

Many people complain of back pain during standing work. Standing work often causes low back pain and numbness in the legs, even if it is not a special hard work, and chronically causes sciatic nerve inflammation and hernia. Again, if you correct how to stand and sit and teach how to walk, the symptoms will be alleviated.
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First of all, how to stand up and how to sit down creates a beautiful posture.

When you get up from the chair, pull your feet slightly toward you and your upper body will stand straight up without leaning forward. Strengthens the muscles in front of the thighs. By using the muscles of your thighs, you can reduce the strain on your lower back and improve your standing posture. When you sit on a chair, do the opposite to keep your upper body straight and lower your hips without leaning forward. You should be very aware of your thigh muscles. Stand up neatly When you sit down neatly, the muscles in your buttocks remain taut and your spine rests neatly on your pelvis, making your upper body very easy to move.

The basis of standing posture is judo.

The basis of how to stand is Judo. Spread your legs slightly wider than your shoulders and bend your knees slightly. When holding a tool in the right hand, for example, when holding a kitchen knife, pull the right foot. This attitude is very important. Standing work is easier if you are aware that you are weighting in front of your thighs and that you are rhythmic with your knees. When you take things, if you bend your knees naturally, the burden on your lower back will be lightened.

An unbalanced standing posture is a standing posture in which the legs are aligned and leaning forward with the buttocks protruding behind. It is a way of standing that feels the burden on the lower back without weight in front of the thighs.

Do not sit in a chair for more than 2 hours in a row.

With the spread of personal computers, personal computer diseases have also increased. Smartphone diseases are also increasing. Symptoms that lead to cervical spine disorders such as poor eyesight, strabismus, stiff shoulders, and migraines. Symptoms that lead to low back pain such as swelling, poor circulation, and numbness. Other insomnia. obesity. It seems that we can make a program such as “What did computers bring to us?” Such as stress diseases. This is proof that our bodies are not good at doing the same job for a long time. Considering only the burden on the lower back, the load applied to the lower back when sleeping is the same as the weight. Double when standing. When sitting in a chair, the load is three times the weight. You can see that keeping the same posture is a burden.

Until very recently after becoming Homo sapiens, humans have been doing various tasks every day, with hunting, harvesting, breeding, and cultivation as their daily tasks. Since I have kept my body balanced on the basis of walking, it can be said that genes are living a life that is unimaginable in modern non-walking life and monotonous repetition for a long time.

There are many people who hurt their lower back due to clerical work or driving a car, and if you start to teach how to stand and sit and walk for 10 minutes in 2 hours, the pain in your lower back and shoulders will be relieved. The basics of walking are abrupt, but walking for 10 minutes every 2 hours improves blood flow in the brain and reduces work mistakes. It also relieves swelling, back pain and stiff shoulders.

The basics of sitting are to fold a thin cushion and raise your hips.

I have 20cm x 40cm x 5cm cushions on both car chairs and office chairs. Raising your hips will improve your posture without forcing you to stretch your back. Keep your computer monitor as low as possible. Raising the monitor raises your chin and increases the strain on your neck. If you sit and work for a long time, you will feel like you are working, but you will not be able to concentrate and you will make more mistakes.

There are also many back pains when driving a car. There is exercise to loosen the muscles of the lower back while driving. The basics of sitting are to put the same cushion in your butt and raise it a little. Then, you can easily stretch your spine and pull your chin. Another thing I would like you to do is place your left foot on the footrest on the left side of the brakes, especially for automatic cars. Step on the footrest from time to time while driving to return the hips to the center of the seat. Step on and loosen to exercise your lower back muscles. This is very effective.

The bias of the body is cured by the way of walking.

Walking is a very good rehabilitation, but if you do not walk cleanly, you will not be able to rehabilitate. No matter how much you walk, petapeta walking is less effective and only increases the burden on your joints.

If you walk unconsciously, you may get out of your crotch or drag your legs. Many people are walking with “petapetapeta”, “patter patter”, “slapstick”, and “zuzuzu”. Diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity. When a doctor recommends exercise due to an adult disease, everyone desperately starts walking. As a result, my knees hurt. Increasing the amount of exercise It is important to do aerobic exercise, but at first, exercise several times a day.

The point is to walk cool and clean. You do not need to be a wacky model walk, beginning with the goal of 30 minutes a total of 1 day, more and more time to walk in once also extend the time to walk to the prospect of the 60-minute total of 30 minutes within one day Let’s do it. If you do not take enough time for aftercare such as stretching and managing your sleep and diet, further exercise will cause injuries and sports depression (suddenly dislike exercise) due to accumulation of fatigue.

“Walking cool and clean” means walking using the muscles of the whole body.

There are four points on how to walk on a flat sidewalk.

  • Step out of your heels. Your toes will rise naturally.
  • I sometimes remember it with my big toe in mind. The toes and kneecaps come straight forward.
  • Be conscious of bending your elbows lightly and swinging your elbows behind you. The muscles of the upper body work around the shoulder blades.
  • Walk along the inside of the sole on both sides of a line 5 cm or 10 cm wide. Reduces pelvic shake. When I usually carry a 5 cm item, I am aware of the 10 cm line. If you want to look special, be aware of the 2 cm line.

Note on sloping roads : Try to reach the entire sole of your foot. Make sure you have a solid weight shift and balance.