The difference between a specialist and an amateur

It’s awkward to call myself a specialist, but there are so many liar specialists in the fields of folk medicine and care with various names, so I dare to say a word.

When performing a procedure, the most important thing is to reduce the patient’s risk. I believe that reducing the risk of patients will reduce their own risk. The worst thing is that we can cure anything. If you start to be told that the teacher over there will cure anything, you need to be careful.

I hear that there are some terrible things like “Please come 10 times in a row. Then you will be cured. Yes, 100,000 yen for 10 times” at the first visit. I’m worried if I don’t start with something like “Well, let’s see.” Only after building a relationship of trust while advancing treatment will the patient say, “Actually, it’s easy to get hurt,” and talk about the environment and habits of life and work. I can’t talk when I’m told to talk about anything. The patient’s heart is so closed that you wouldn’t know if you talked to this person about yourself. After seeing about 5 times, patients often say, “Actually …”. I’m hiding the number one cause.

We often hear about reducing patient risk. Patients who cannot be cured if they are confident in their treatment will be referred to another teacher. It means that the patient will not be injured. Everything is a mess, and if you are pursuing your own interests, you take a high risk.

Whatever path specialist you have in common is theorizing your experience. Experience the theory. I realize that it is a repetition. It is not possible to theoretically announce and experience everything that happens around you, but it is necessary to think theoretically, experience it speculatively, and theorize what is related to you. Most of the things in the world are related to me, so I can’t just take the words from the people around me and think of them as they are, while taking the story of others and saying, “Oh, that’s right, hey.”

Experience and organize the experience in your own way is a life that is not academic. In that sense, repeated experience and theorization does not become a handicap for age and physical disability. Nurture yourself by theorizing and thinking about everything you have experienced. I don’t think there is anything wasted in life.

The body is on the way from growth to aging, but the soul grows forever. Everyone can be a life specialist. Because everyone was born as a special being.