Sotai as communication tool

It is important to communicate with your body. I don’t do it every day, but when I think “I’m stiff today” and “I’m tired”, I do sotai myself. You can do it in the morning futon or between work. The good thing about Sotai is that you can do it yourself. Some people say that you can’t do it without having your teacher hold it down. I use it like pushing a pillow to put more effort into “easier people”, and when I get used to it, I move it with the feeling of being held down.

“To create the perfect movement, you have to feel the intelligence in each of the muscle fibers. Sotai can feel the intelligence in the muscles,” tell me to understand with my poor English ability. There was an Australian dancer.

If you are conceited that “I know my body best”, I will do my best without noticing “I can’t do it anymore”. Sotai is an easy and fun way to hear your body. It is important to check whether the symptoms are easier to move by yourself or not.

It is important to note that the imbalance of the body caused by fatigue, inflammation, and burden of joints and muscles is a sotai method because muscle tension is generated by exchanging information with the brain. However, lower back pain and back tension caused by internal diseases cannot be completely removed by exercise therapy such as sotai because they are transmitted through the reflexes of the spinal cord. Is this person internal medicine? On the day or the second day when I come to treat some people every year, I will introduce them to my internal medicine teacher, but I always have a medical illness. Even if you go to the hospital, there are many people who do not think that their symptoms are internal medicine and do not consult a doctor.

First, let’s communicate with your body using Sotai. Ah, if you find out something like this, let’s give it to your family. People in the old days say that they can endure human pain for three years, but it is better to communicate than to endure it.